Thursday night, Carrie Underwood performed at We Fest and put on a fantastic show. I've never heard someone's voice so clear...So flawless...Carrie impressed the crowd with her harmonica skills, and also played acoustic during the show.


Lots of folks wanted to see Carrie in one of her sexy outfits. But it's probably too cold for her to do that here. She wore a sparkly sweater with a pair of baggy shiny sweatpants and super high heels. I love it! She was still as beautiful and delivered a perfect performance.  I think everyone, including myself, thought that she had something on underneath and that at some point in the show she was going to go back stage and come back out in something super sexy..but that didn't happen.

However...every girl in the crowd was in awe of the huge, sparkling diamond on her finger. It lit up that big screen TV like nothing any of us have ever seen. Every 2 minutes you'd hear another girl scream, "Look at that ROCK!"  I don't think I heard any of the guys say anything about it...what are you going to say....I'll take out a loan for life to get the ring and live in the tent that we've got set up here at We Fest? I don't think so. But talk about amazing. It was breathtaking.

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