Carrie Underwood tweets a picture of the beloved character "Maria von Trapp" who Underwood will bring to life in NBC's "The Sound of Music-Live".

Underwood is hard at work saying, "Right now, I'm working a lot on my own"... "Memorizing lines, working on the music with help." Underwood, who is obviously one of the biggest names in country music, wants to make this performance something more than a country girl in a musical. Underwood said, "I don't want it to sound like Carrie Underwood, country singer, singing THE SOUND OF MUSIC"... "I really want to do the part justice, the way it was written, and immerse myself in this whole other world."

The three hour LIVE special event of "The Sound of Music" starring Carrie Underwood will air December 5th on NBC.

See Underwood perform "Sound of Music" below.