WILLMAR - Willmar's Jill May and her partner Bennie Wylie won $300,000 on NBC-TV's Strong last night. May, 35, was at the Y in Willmar for a viewing party to watch the final episode last night with a crowd of family and friends.

May and Wylie competed against other 9 teams from around the country in contests of strength and endurance and beat their final opponents in a round of 4 events.

May is the wife of an associate pastor and a stay at home mother of 4 kids and applied to be on the show as a way to get back into shape. She says her family was very supportive while she was gone during filming earlier this year in Malibu California.

May says she and her partner Bennie went through a lot during the filming and have mixed feelings now that it's all over.

May was not allowed to say how she and Bennie ended up until after the final episode was aired.

This story is courtesy of KWLM in Willmar.

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