As I get older, the more I notice that lots of people have never driven a manual car before. Do you know the ways around a stick shift engine? Let's see how many central Minnesotans know the skill!

The art of driving a manual car is a dying lesson. With the help of automatic transmissions, people these days don't require the need to learn how to drive with a stick shift. Thankfully, a friend of mine taught me how to operate a manual car when I was 19, in his old Dodge Neon R/T. (Had the bright red paint and white racing stripes too, like the coolest ever..)

The reason why I wanted to take the time to learn how to drive manually was because of a competition show I watched when I was younger. Money was on the table, and all you had to do was drive a stick shift car a few yards. Sadly, only about 2 contestants of 16 could actually work the vehicles. I figured money was as good of reason as anything to learn how to drive manual!

So that brings me to my question - do YOU know how to drive a manual transmission car/truck/semi?! Let us know! Vote below and watch for results to see how many central Minnesotans know how to drive stick!