People are dying at music festivals, and camping in general, from carbon monoxide poisoning. This can easily happen to you without ever realizing the threat.

The culprit is exhaust from RV's and generators, located too close to tents. The threat is the biggest at music festivals, as people tightly pack in RV's and tents near each other to call 'home' for a weekend. This has caused multiple deaths at Minnesota music festivals over the last few years. Be aware this can happen at a family campground just as easily.


If you are tent camping, you absolutely need to be aware of where exhaust from RV's and generators are located at all times, and stay far away from them.

Depending on the wind direction, fumes from this exhaust can get trapped in a tent and kill those inside. Generally these are ran in the warm evening to power air conditioners in an RV while people are sleeping in it. Chances are that others are also sleeping in a nearby tent and have no idea they are being poisoned by the fumes, with no chance of waking up again.

It's important to remind young adults on their way to a camping or festival weekend about this danger.

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