Photos of a sign posted in front of Norm's Wayside Bar & Grill in Buffalo, MN have been making their way around the internet, earning some degree of both virality and notoriety.

The earliest photos of the sign -- posted by different users on Facebook -- reveal a trailer sign in front of Norm's Wayside just off Highway 55 that reads "Govt Walz is a dick wad." The sign was presumably updated after the spelling error of "Govt"  (short for government) was pointed out and now reads "Gov Walz is a dick wad." One version of the photo earned 250 Likes in the first 24 hours; another photo has been shared 268 times.

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The sign -- naturally -- has garnered a fair share of responses from both supporters and opponents, though comments online have mostly been unfavorable.

"I was just going to come in for breakfast this weekend too..." lamented one.

"Norm is a dick wad," commented another. "Been in there many times. He’s a drunk that treats his customers shitty and gets sloppy drunk in front of everyone. Great food, great music, shitty owner."

One person who purportedly used to work at Norm's, Emily Sandstrom, said of her experience, "I worked there during the last shut down and they nearly closed for good. I understand they are mad because they can no longer serve and will probably shut down. They have very close eyes on them due to most of the workers not wearing masks when they were allowed to open back up. And when they weren’t supposed to be serving people (in may during complete shut down and carry out only) they were anyways as well as serving alcohol. Don’t let me forget that they had people underage working behind the bar and serving alcohol during the last shut down. I quickly quit after that and was refused my last/final paycheck. Never going into that restaurant again! I do not recommend it!"

Not only have people had things to say about Norm's on Facebook, but it seems the diner's 4.2 star rating on Google is taking a plunge with a series of negative reviews.

"Your profane sign was not only disrespectful to this town, but to the state of Minnesota," one person commented with his one-star review. "This beautiful community has done an amazing job supporting local bar/grills. Displaying your displeasure in our state government/governor is not good business. It was sent to the local news stations and you can get the publicity you deserve. Have a nice retirement Norm!"

"The current sign in the front of the building shows what type of management that is running the place," reads another one-star review. "I've heard its an anti-mask atmosphere so its really not helping ANY business in this difficult time." The review goes on to say, "Yes, it stinks that these mandates can be hard on your business but displaying this is obnoxious and gives Buffalo a horrible imagine when people enter and leave this town on a busy highway."

A Facebook group for Norm's Wayside reads "Come for the elegance, Stay for the hospitality." We're not sure if it's tongue-in-cheek or not...

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