Brothers Osborne won the CMA award for Best Country Duo last week in Nashville.

But although John and T.J. have had great success during their career so far, John tells Taste of Country during a pre-awards media round that when it comes to winning, he has dealt with feelings of impostor syndrome in the past.

John says it actually takes him awhile to feel like he can display his awards, even in his own home.

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"Initially I didn’t put them up, because I do suffer from a bit of impostor syndrome,” he shares, "Which I feel like is quite a normal thing that everyone goes through."

If you visit either of the brothers' homes now, you'll see their special hardware displayed proudly in their studios, but for awhile, John's trophies were in boxes.

"I would leave them in boxes, I would leave all the plaques in boxes," he says. “It kinda occurred to me, like, if the 12-year-old version of myself showed up and saw all my awards sitting in boxes, he would kick my ass."

So, he changed that: "I put them up for my 12-year-old self and go, 'Congrats, kid, you did alright!'"

"I know when I go to other people's homes that have won Grammys or whatever, I’m like, 'Where is the Grammy? I want to see it,'" T.J. adds.

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