With Minnesota's first snowfall of the 2021-2022 winter this past weekend, a generous soul's gift to the needy in Minneapolis is getting some deserved attention and inspiring others to do the same.

Over the weekend, a photo of a "gift tree" was posted to the Minnesota thread of Reddit. "Someone in my neighborhood knitted up some hats and scarves and left them out for free," Reddit user u/masonjar84 captioned his photo. "It’s getting cold in Minnesota!" The photo shows a tree wrapped with twine, clothespins clipped to the twine holding baggies containing knitted hats and scarves. "Free hats & scarves," reads a sign tied to the tree. "Feel free to take one."

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The photo -- which was taken near Northeast Minneapolis according to Redditor u/masonjar84 -- has earned praise and inspired others.

"This is brilliant," commented one on Reddit "and just the tip I need. I have loads of single skeins left over from larger projects...This suggestion is the answer to my a) compulsive need to knit, just for the sake of it and b) my stash of otherwise useless balls of yarn."

"I really like the baggie idea too," complimented another in the comments. "Keeps the items clean and dry. Excellent donation."

"That is wonderfully kind," praised a third. "I could have used this as a kid. I think I'll set up something similar near me!"

"If you ever run out of single skeins, I've knit wonderful scarves and hats from unraveled thrifted sweaters," one knitter offered. "Socks too. I'm a machine knitter and can crank out a scarf or hat in 30 minutes or so." Check out the post and all of the comments here.

Do you have a hobby you could do something similar to this "gift tree" with?

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