Bravo Burritos has been a staple in St. Cloud for as long as I can remember.  It was THE THING to get after the bar when I was in college when it was still located on 5th Avenue.  Everyone would stand outside and eat that delicious "twinkie". And of course, talk about how good it was and how "nobody makes burritos like Bravo".  And it's still true.

So, there have been a lot of changes since the 5th Avenue times, starting with a new location on 33rd avenue.  They have been there for quite a few years, but one thing that hasn't changed, well, a couple of things, is the carpet and the MENU!  The menu board in the restaurant has been the same since something like 1993.  Now is the time...they are going to change the menu and they are updating the carpet in the restaurant.

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This is all happening tomorrow (Wednesday) November 10th. So, they will be closed for the day.  Just the day, never fear.  Also, don't worry that your favorite menu item won't be available anymore. They "know what people like" and they will continue to have your favorite item. But, now they will have a few more to choose from as well.

Change is hard sometimes, but this is a good chance. Bravo Burritos will be open again Thursday with a new look, new menu (still your favorites available), and can't wait for you to stop in and try the new items.

Bravo Burritos, a mainstay in St. Cloud that is now going to be even better... if that is possible.

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