Tinder wasn't a thing when I was last single. Heck, Facebook was barely a thing back then (MySpace, anyone?).

I heard horror stories about trying to date on Tinder, but only recently decided to venture into that vast circus tent of relations.

It's been interesting, so far.


(Ned at TSM)

There are first impressions, and then there's posting a picture of a toy giraffe on Tinder.

That's NOT far enough away!

(Ned at TSM)

Tom Petty was wrong. It's not The Waiting that's the hardest part, it's The Breaking Up And Avoiding Getting Shot that's the hardest part.

Is THIS the place for secrets?!

(Ned at TSM)

I mean, if you have to be discrete, there's always Ashley Madison.

Long-distance relationships are one thing...

(Ned at TSM)

I checked my radius settings, and it was still WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY below 5000 miles!

What's YOUR Tinder horror story? Comment below!