This might not be the time that you want to do any more planting in your garden, but if you are like me, and some little critters dug up some of your seeds and left you empty-handed, I wanted to share some advice.

I ran to the grocery store last night just to pick up a couple of things I forgot from the last trip to the grocery store, (earlier that day) and I saw that there were plants and flowers on sale outside of the store.

Townsquare Media/Kelly Cordes
Townsquare Media/Kelly Cordes


I didn't NEED to get anything, but I thought I'd take a look, since I still had some room to grow a few things after the little chipmunk in my backyard decided to eat a bunch of my planted seeds.

Some of the price tags at the store display said $3.49 and 50% off. So thinking that I was going to spend about $5, I picked up 4 red pepper plants and a beefsteak tomato plant, put them in a cart, and headed into the store to get the few items I had originally intended to pick up.

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I went to the self-checkout, forgetting that I had the plants. I thought they might not ring up at the self check-out; but they did.

The pepper plants were first. I scanned them and the price came back as 67 cents. Yeah! Four plants for 67 cents! Sensing this was inaccurate, I waved for a store assistant to come over and help me get the actual price of the peppers. He said, "Nope. That's the right price."  I was overjoyed! So I proceeded to ring up my tomato plant and it rang up for 87 cents.

Townsquare Media/Kelly Cordes
Townsquare Media/Kelly Cordes


For under $2, I had 5 new plants for my garden. If you are on a tight budget and have the patience to wait, we are still in a good season to grow many of the plants that are available out there. Rather than seeing them go to waste, if you see some sales, pick a few up and see how it goes!  I was thrilled.

If you are wondering where I found my plants, I saw many at area grocery stores and big box stores, but I picked mine up from the Sauk Rapids Coborn's store.

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