Jason Klinefelter, VP of KEEPRS gave Ashli and I a run-through of their high-tech shooting simulator yesterday at KEEPRS in St. Cloud -- used by both local law enforcement and gun owners to compliment their live range training with realistic live scenario learning situations.

I was impressed with KEEPRS desire to help people stay safe by learning to be more aware of their world, how to avoid dangerous situations, and ultimately how to defend yourself if a violent confrontation is unavoidable -- catering to each individual's preference for defense, whether that's a firearm, pepper spray, or something else.

Klinefelter said that it's a personal decision each individual needs to make based on their own comfort level.

What makes KEEPRS 'Permit to Carry' class different is that while their firearm training class is second-to-none; they also spend a significant amount of time on how to stay safe, prevent confrontations, and avoid situations where a gun is necessary. Jason Klinefelter says, "The only way to be 100% sure of not becoming the casualty of a violent situation -- is not to get in one in the first place."

Thanks for the experience Jason. You can learn more about their classes HERE. (I'm signing up.)

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