It's officially National Beer Day tomorrow. Sure, it's another holiday that puts another mark on the calendar, but there's an interesting story behind how this day came about!

Prior to April 7th in 1933, prohibition didn't allow any alcohol consumption in the United States. According to National Day Calendar, President Franklin Roosevelt signed a law allowing citizens to brew and sell beer below 4% alcohol volume, pushing the country another step toward ending prohibition. It was the 1st time in 13 years people could drink beer legally, and the entire nation celebrated!


It was called the Cullen-Harrison Act and was signed on March 22, 1933. The legislation went into effect on April 7th of that year. How cool was Roosevelt? He joked "I think this would be a good time for a beer." after signing the bill. (Source: Wikipedia)

These days there's more beer options than ever. Considering this big day falls on a Friday with a great spring day in central Minnesota, it's a great time to say "Cheers!". Be sure and drink responsible please, and of course don't drink and drive...we want to enjoy it even more next year when it lands on a Saturday.

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