Ranch dressing is life in the Midwest. Outsiders just don't get it...how could they? They call hotdish 'casserole'. Unwashed heathens.

As much as we love our ranch dressing, has Hello Fresh taken it too far? Is there such a thing as 'unacceptable ranch'? Read on.

Hello Fresh and Hidden Valley Are Teaming Up For Mail-Order Ranch Flights

Capture via HelloFreshRanchFlight.com
(angelic_noises.wav) Capture via HelloFreshRanchFlight.com

If any salad dressing is deserving of a 'flight' like we find in breweries, it's ranch. Hidden Valley (the most famous ranch) is teaming up with mail-order food brides Hello Fresh to offer this abomination of awesome.

There are four ranches included in the flight:

  • All Bay Long: ranch Wonder Twin Powers Activated with Old Bay Seasoning
  • GoGoGochujang: ranch with garlic powder and red chili paste (GIMME!!)
  • Goucho Rancho: ranch with southwest seasoning and chipotle powder
  • Frankenranch: ranch with Frank's Red Hot.

They include snacks for dipping, as well as a friggin' plastic flask because F#@$ YOU WHY NOT?!

All that for just $35. For ranch enthusiasts, that's a bargain. Or you could just mix the ranch together yourself at home. But you don't get the flask, so...

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