A new scam that targets digital artists is one that is particularly difficult to discover. I thought I would share the story of what happened recently to someone I know personally, about a month ago.

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This person applied for several jobs through Linked In and Indeed, thinking they would be a trusted sites to find real remote job opportunities for his specific talent. He had just finished schooling for his graphic art degree and was excited about the possibility to put his artistic talents to work for a reputable company.  When he saw this application he thought it was from one of those; but looking back, it really wasn't.

He applied for multiple positions, but as you can imagine, each interview that came was followed by, 'Thank you for your application and for the interview. Unfortunately, we have moved forward with another candidate. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors."


He was starting to feel like he would never get the opportunity to work in the field he was hoping for. That's when he applied for a company called 'Amare Global, and everything changed.

The person responded to him through an email and lined up an interview. My friend had the interview and was anxiously awaiting to hear if he would get the job.

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A few days later, he received information that he was being hired. He would be making $45 per hour for 35 hours a week. They would set him up with a company phone and would complete the process of onboarding once they had all the equipment that he needed, which included a Macbook Pro, some programming materials, and a few other things. They would contact him in the next few days with instructions on what to do.

They informed him that they would send him money to purchase the equipment that he needed to perform his remote job.  At this point, he wanted to make sure this was a real offer. He looked up Amare Global on the BBB and found that the company was listed as having an A+ rating, as well as being in business for approximately five years.


He also CALLED Amare Global and talked with them, asking if his employment was indeed happening. They said that as long as it came from a particular email address, that yes; it was indeed probably true. This is where my friend made a mistake. The real company email was .com, but the scam ended in .us.  He missed this small but very important details.

So he proceeded.  He received the money in his account. A few days later the money was still there so he followed the scammer's instructions on how much money to send, and who to send it to.  A day later, the bank marked the deposit into his account as 'Fictitious.'

Photo by Money Knack,
Photo by Money Knack,

Not only did he have to close his accounts, but he also had his information taken; social security, birthdate, address, and banking information. He had his pride taken from him, and now a debt to pay back the bank, as the money was never really deposited in his account.


Our tips to safely navigate the remote world job site. Even if you find the job application on a reputable site:

  • Check out the company on the BBB
  • Call the company and ask them if they are indeed, the ones hiring you.
  • If they are asking to deposit money into your account and then have you purchase the equipment, it is probably a scam. The company will probably send you the equipment already loaded with the programs you need to begin your job.
  • Don't give out any personal information until you KNOW that all of these things have been verified.
  • If you do get scammed, report it to your local police department.


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