FALCON HEIGHTS - You never know who you might bump into at the Minnesota State Fair.  Minnesotans of all shapes and sizes have been known to attend the State Fair, even a few old timers - as in really old timers.

State Fair archivist Keri Huber says she's heard many tales from her co-workers about run-ins with ghosts on the fairgrounds.

Huber says the cattle barn, the coliseum, and the grand stand have been known to be frequent haunts.  There have been deaths on the grounds over the years, which has led to the belief by some that their spirits are still there.

She also says it's not just human spirits...

Huber says she thinks the ghosts lay low during the 12-day run of the state fair. But, she says they also could just be blending in with all of the activity.

She says the stories are all in good fun, and "It's the Great Minnesota Get Together and why can't ghosts be included in that?"

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