Are you bold enough to add Minnesota's most haunted hiking trail to your summer to-do list?

This trail is the site of a legend that includes a young Native American woman whose baby was carried away by the rushing river and over the falls to the rocks below. The woman had cursed the river, claiming it had stolen the tribe's future chief. Witnesses have seen the woman's spirit or have heard her crying.

This trail can be found in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, about four hours north of St. Cloud . It is an unpaved trail that runs along the Red Lake River, and the ghost of the Native American woman isn't the only one haunting it.


Another common story is that the trail was used by a man wanted for murder. To escape his punishment, he hid from authorities in a cave along the river. There is no cave along the river today, but many think that it could have been filled in with large rocks and soil.

It doesn't look too scary in the daylight of Google Maps, but if you're not scared, hit it up as the sun is going down and let us know what you hear!

Dead Man's Trail is part of LB Hartz Park in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

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