Kyle Rawleigh is not your every day children's book author; but he's definitely qualified to write a children's book!  Kyle and his wife Ali have four kids; 3 daughters and a son. Kyle works for Republic Services, that provides trash and recycling services for the St. Cloud area. Kyle is a definitely a Minnesota Man. He loves cooking, hunting and spending time with his family, and making up fun bedtime stories for his kids. What an awesome Dad!

Photo by Kyle Rawleigh
Photo by Kyle Rawleigh

When I spoke with Kyle he said, "Never in a million years did I think I ever thinking I would be publishing a book." However, when the pandemic hit, things changed. Kyle's three daughters would ask him to make up a bedtime story for them, instead of reading a book like he normally does.

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Photo by Kyle Rawleigh
Photo by Kyle Rawleigh


Kyle said that he spent about a day thinking about what kind of story to create for his kids. Then once he thought of an idea, he spent about 10 nights telling them the story before bed.

His Aunt, Linda Brissson, who just happens to be an Illustrator, was also bored during the pandemic. She lives in New Mexico. Kyle shared with her that he was making up bedtime stories for his kids, and she started to illustrate pictures to go along with his stories.

His girls loved it so much that it was enough for Kyle to start thinking about how to turn this book into a keepsake for the girls as a gift.

He shared his book with a few family members who liked it so much, that the pushed him to publish it.

You can find Kyle Rawleigh's book, "Chronicles of the Unicorn Kingdom" today on Amazon (by clicking here), Target, & Barnes & Noble or learn more on Facebook by clicking HERE.

I'll be speaking with Kyle Rawleigh today on "It Matters with Kelly Cordes" at 10:40 am on WJON 1240Am and WJON 95.3 FM.  Join us for a great interview!


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