Dear Stoplight on Hwy 10 and East St. Germain Street -

Hi. You might not know me, but I know you well. Mainly because I am ALWAYS stopped there.


Like many Central Minnesotans, I travel Hwy 10 to get to and from work. Everyday, to and from my home and place of business I'm hitting up this intersection, and this ever so unforgiving light.

It's forever red. It doesn't matter which direction I'm coming from, or what the time is. When I am just about to go through it, it'll turn yellow and then red. Morning, noon, evening, heck even late at night when I am working late. That light is going to be red and make me wait at it.

I'm a patient person. I will gladly wait my turn for things, and I let people with less grocery items check out ahead of me. I once waited in line at Chipotle for 50 minutes. I have no problem waiting. But just once I want this dang stoplight to be green when I hit it.

Who hurt you stoplight to make you feel the need to hurt others? What can we do to make you green more often? I'm just really concerned about your wellbeing, as well as my sanity.




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