Dear Crossroads Mall Target entrance,

I was at the mall over the weekend. It's been awhile, my old friend. I was so excited to get some normalcy back in my life.

I started my adventure by wandering around, checking out what was new...and of course hitting up Pretzel Maker...because, when in Rome. I made my way over to you, Target.

When I approached the door, I realized you were shut. Dude, I thought we were friends? I couldn't figure out what your deal was...I mean, I understand trying to control how many people are in the store at one time, but to completely shut the entrance? It just didn't make sense.

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You do know, Target, your closed door didn't stop me or anyone else from coming into the store--I have the Red Card and I wasn't going to let a closed door stop me from getting my 5% savings.

Nope, instead, I had to walk my lazy butt back down the ramp, past the child's play area, touch the public door that everyone else touches, head down the front sidewalk just to access the store from your main doors. And, no one at the front door was limiting how many people were, what was the point in shutting the other door anyway?

Perhaps it's your way of adding more cardio into my life? Maybe you're just concerned with my health. I can respect that. But, please, please, please just open the mall entrance again. For real.



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