Move it on over, Tickle Me Elmo! Beat it, Beanie Babies! F*@# off, Furbies!

A new and gloriously spooky obsession is taking over!

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I'd love for you to meet (and buy me) Lewis!

Elloooooo! Image via
'Elloooooo! (Image via

Lewis is eight feet tall, lights up, makes noise, and is so awesome that he's already sold out EVERYWHERE.

Why? Check out the video and honestly tell me that you don't want this fella on your front lawn/in your living room all of the time.


Lewis is not named Jack, because:

  1. that's too easy
  2. he's not a Jack-O-Lantern
  3. seriously, he's not a Jack-O-Lantern. He literally tells you this.

Lewis can still be found on display in some Target stores, but not for sale. Target has yet to comment (as of 10/6/23) about Lewis at all, so who knows if he'll be restocked. You may just have to overpay on eBay to possess (SPOOKY!) Lewis.

If you want to be vicariously obsessed with Lewis, simply peruse TikTok (wear a helmet) with the hashtag "Jack-O-Lantern Target". Of course, that's sacrilege because Lewis literally tells you that he's not a Jack-O-Lantern, he's Lewis.

It's like when Patrick was working at the Krusty Krab, and people kept calling asking if this was the Krusty Krab, and Patrick kept saying, "No, this is Patrick".

Maybe not exactly, but this is still funny.

That's Grade A comedy gold right there.

If you find Lewis at your local Target, send us a picture or video via the Loon App!

H/T: Insider

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