Not very often do I get really excited over much that is trending on TikTok. However, once and awhile my interest will peak and I'll give it a go and when I do, it usually involves food or a beverage. This time is no different. A food trend has caught my attention and I actually got to creating in my head the moment I saw it.

We know about the Charcuterie boards and all their glory. Love me all of them and let these never go away because I will bring them back. Then not too long ago we were introduced to the butter board. Now this concept might be a little newer to you, but the idea is you take soft butter and spread it over a board and then add ingredients on top of it, to season it up and make it look pretty...then serve with different breads. Looks like this:

When I saw the butter board for the first time, I thought yeah that's cool, I like it, might try it one day. But not rushing out right away to make one. Then what came next after the creation of the butter board is what DID excite me.

Just read about it today and it's so simple I wish I would have been the one to think it and share it first, alas I wasn't, but I'm here to jump on this bandwagon now. The concept is actually exactly the same as the butter board except with CREAM CHEESE!

Not sure why this excites me so much but it really does and might be because I can think of so many ways to make this concept come to life. Cream cheese can be salty, savory, and sweet...all the flavors. So I started thinking a little outside the box but inside the Minnesota state lines and came up with three different ways to try this TikTok trend and maybe you can amaze your guests with them at your next get together.

  • Minnesota Sushi Cream Cheese Board:

Never again am I going to make these the traditional way again (so I say now, it's probably a lie). The three ingredients of these delicacy are Ham, Pickles and Cream Cheese. So it's fairly easy to do this one: Have a softened block of cream cheese or get the whipped, make it really easy, spread it on your board then cut up pickles anyway you want to, sprinkle over the cheese then tear up bits of the ham or get cubed ham (again making this easy) and there you go! Serve with pickle sticks, bagel pieces or even baguette pieces. The possibilities are endless and oh so Minnesota!

  • Cookie Salad Cream Cheese Board:

Cookie salad has been a staple in Minnesota for years, it originated here, at least from what I've been told and if you are wondering how it's a salad, don't ask just eat. For this particular recipe take your softened cream cheese and mix it with I package of instant vanilla pudding and a about a tablespoon or two of milk (whichever you use) to help make the consistency creamy then spread it on your board. Add mandarin oranges and sprinkle broken up pieces of fudge stripe shortbread cookies over it. Eat with more of the cookies, with biscotti, or whatever your heart desires.

  • Walleye Lemon Pepper Cream Cheese Board:

Minnesota love their walleye, it's our state fish and it's tasty. Many people who visit this great state are told to try it at least once and there's often a walleye finger appetizer somewhere near by and yes, get the tartar sauce to dip it in. Everyone has their own recipe. For this last Cream Cheese Board with a Minnesota twist, it'll take a little more work. But the cream cheese like always is spread on the board. But before that make walleye anyway you want to. For me I'd prefer to Bake it with lemons and lemon pepper seasoning. When it comes out of the oven, let it cool slightly then flake it to spread over the cream cheese. From there get creative. Squeeze a little more lemon juice on it, put more lemon pepper seasoning on it. Like capers, throw some of them on it too. From there use your imagination on what to pick it up with. Cut up pieces of sourdough, a dill bread might be nice, maybe serve with fries or onion rings.

Again the ideas are endless and you can have so much fun and make it how you want. There are no exact measurements, just have fun! As you can see I'm overly excited for this trend and I for one will definitely be making this for my next gathering. Got ideas you want to share, please do,

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