I go to the grocery store. I walk to the neatly stacked cart line and grab my cart. I proceed through the grocery store filling my cart with all the things I need. Everyone else seems to be following the same procedures...We carefully pass each other, or wait for the person in front of us to move.

Then we get in line to pay for our items. Everyone still in a nice line, waiting at the counter for the person in front of them to get done with their transaction.

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Finally, it's my turn. I place my items on the belt, and proceed to the other end to help bag my groceries if the Bag Boy looks like he's busy. He and I load my packages neatly in my cart, and I proceed to the parking lot.

I walk my cart to my van, and proceed to neatly stack my groceries in the back, and then I take my cart back to the cart carriage and find a mess of carts...the small ones intertwined withe the big ones....No cart stacked neatly in the other as I found when I entered the store; oh no. They are all over the place.

I proceed to take the carts apart. I put the small ones together on the left, and the big ones together on the right, I then place them all neatly in the cart carriage hoping that the next person who comes along, will actually bring their cart to the carriage, and neatly place it in the proper place, so that the person who has to come and collect these carts has an easier job, saving time bringing them in, and making more room for the next Customers that will be coming out of the store.

Clearly I'm in the minority. Can someone please tell me, why we can't bring our carts ALL THE WAY to the carriage? It takes an extra 5 seconds, to give an Employee some valuable time to help others inside the store, and it makes more room for those people coming out after us.

Am I the only one who straightens carts?



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