I'd be willing to bet if you asked a Minnesotan what one of their favorite winter activities was, they'd tell you it's visiting the ice castles in the Twin Cities.

Last year, Ice Castles, a Utah company decided to cancel their winter attraction. It was a sad day for ice castle lovers.

Ice Castles CEO Kyle Standifird said in a statement:

"We would like to thank everyone who has supported Ice Castles over the years by visiting our Minnesota location. Although we have decided not to bring Ice Castles back to the Twin Cities this winter, we look forward to returning to Minnesota in the future."

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Welcome to the future, Minnesota! The company announced that the fun is coming back to the Twin Cities in January 2022! That's just over 2 months away.

If you're planning a trip this year, there are some things you need to know before you go.

  • General admission is $15 on weekdays (Monday through Thursday) and $22 on weekends (Friday through Sunday).
  • Children's admission is a little cheaper. Tickets are $11 on weekdays (Monday through Thursday) and $16 on weekends (Friday through Sunday).
  • The official opening date for the 2022 season hasn't been announced yet. That all depends on the weather.
  • You will be able to buy your tickets online once the dates have been announced. Tickets are available on-site if the Ice Castles aren't sold out for the day.

If you're interested in working for Ice Castles this year, there's a link to more information on their website.

Ice Castles has five locations around the United States including; New Hampshire, New York, Utah, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

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