You can adopt a stretch of highway, a pond, even a park -- and now, in the City of Saint Cloud you can adopt your very own storm drain.

It seems like a great idea to me, and it's pretty straightforward. The idea is that you adopt a storm drain in your neighborhood -- and you keep it free of trash, snow, ice, and debris.

Today is Earth Day, and it's a great opportunity to keep our waterways clean by adopting a drain (or more) and clearing them of all the leaves before the snow arrives. I've cleared my two drains, and cleaned the leaves from the street along the gutter in my neighborhood.

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It's a great way to get your family involved in keeping our waterways clean, and protecting the mighty Mississippi River.

How to Adopt a Storm Drain

  1. Sign up online to adopt a storm drain in your neighborhood.
  2. Keep your storm drain clear. Sweep leaves, trash, and other debris off the drain surface year round.
  3. You'll get a small sign for your yard to let your neighbors know you're protecting clean water.
  4. Track your impact by estimating the total debris you collect on your online account.

This is genius. Storm drains stay clean and clear. The city doesn't have to pay for it. And it might be a fun project for you kids to teach them about helping the environment.

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