• Help your child deal with transitions. If this is their first year of school, or if they are attending a new middle school or high school, make sure they are ready and prepared. Visit the school and show them around.
  • Re Read your childs IEP and make sure you understand what you're getting. This will help you and your teachers understand what is expected from them and the school for your child.
  • Meet with your childs teacher to discuss your childs personal needs. Meet with your childs teachers ahead of time; bring a photo and let them know if there's anything specific they need to be aware of.
  • Take extra copies of your childs IEP with you to meet teachers.  This way, the teacher will KNOW you mean business.
  • Make a list of important things about your child .What are the five most important things your teachers need to know about your child to help them succeed in school.
  • Prepare to deal with potential problems early.
  • Resolve old concerns and issues now.
  • Get a new assessment.
  • Go to the school open houses.
  • Get a bound notebook.

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