It seems that some people could eat that food every day of their lives, three times a day.  It can be argued that pizza is the perfect food because it has all of the food groups.  That might be a stretch, but I have heard people make that statement because again, they love pizza.

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One of the places that was super popular when I was growing up, and everyone would want to go and get their delicious pizza was Godfather's Pizza.  I loved the fact that their combo didn't include green peppers.  I called that a win, I know, unpopular opinion, but there it is.  Also, they had a great personal pan pizza.

A few years ago, Godfather's Pizza closed their location in the Division Place strip mall.

Now, after quite a few years away, Godfather's Pizza is back.

The new Holiday Station Store located out on Hwy 75 towards St. Augusta has a Godfather's Pizza Express located within the store.  They are open for delivery and pick up and it's just as good as you remember.  And if you happen to be one of those people who didn't/doesn't like that pizza, there are several other options for you.  But if you are missing Godfather's Pizza, it's back in St. Cloud.

If you live near the Albany area, you have been able to continue to enjoy Godfather's Pizza, but now it's available in the St. Cloud area.

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