Are you an avid golfer...that likes to run?  There is something new that is apparently gaining ground in Minnesota.  It's called speed golf. Usually the cause for sweating on the golf course is just from all that time in the sun.  Not anymore.  In this game you have to run.

Photo by: YouTube via Britclip
Photo by: YouTube via Britclip

You don't want to be in this guys way!  I wonder, do you have to yell, "passing on the left"?  It all seems contradictory to me.  For anyone that is not a professional golfer; I feel like golf is a game that is for you and your friends or work clients to enjoy slowly.  You chat, hit a ball, chat some more and enjoy your time outdoors.  But maybe I'm wrong.  If you're a runner, you'll probably love this.

Here's how Wikipedia describes Speed Golf:

Speed golf (also known as extreme golf, fast golffitness golf and hit and run golf) is a variant of golf which scores both on strokes played and the time taken to complete the round.

So you've probably picked up on it now.  But basically you hit the ball. Then you run to the next shot.  Your time running is counted in your score, so the faster you are, the better your score will be.  I'm wondering how in the world I drink my beer if I'm running? But, maybe that's just me.

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This isn't as new as I would have thought.  According to KARE 11 There is one Speed Golf tournament that is on it's 26th year.  It's the Bob-n-Broc tournament and is coming up on September 10th at Emerald Hills in Hastings, MN.

18 Holes in 29 minutes?!  You definitely won't see Rory McIlroy or Jordan Spieth running like this.

Well on the good side, it won't take you half the day to play a round of golf.

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