This past weekend I had some rare downtime and decided to spend the morning doing some shopping in Downtown St. Cloud. It's something I don't get to do often, so it was a real treat getting to stroll St. Germain Street.

My last stop of the morning was Jules Bistro for a coffee and a muffin to go, and as I was walking back to my car I almost dropped both onto the brick sidewalk.

I was about to pass The Widows Peak Salon, and this knee-high scarecrow they had peaked out from behind a curtain totally threw me off guard. I had already passed The Widows Peak on my way to Jules' but this burlap prop wasn't as noticeable coming from the opposite direction. Regardless, seeing this scarecrow made me audibly gasp. Not that it is overly scary itself, it mostly was the startle it gave me.

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I am a huge Halloween fan, but for the most part, I avoid scary movies so I had to do some research as to where this little guy came from. After some light Google searches I found that it is Sam from the 2007 movie Trick 'r Treat:

It relates four Halloween horror stories with a common element in them, Sam; a mysterious child trick-or-treater wearing shabby orange footie pajamas with a burlap sack over his head. The character makes an appearance in each of the stories whenever one of the other characters breaks a Halloween tradition.

Despite being delayed for two years and having only a limited amount of screenings at film festivals, the film received much critical acclaim and has since garnered a strong cult following.

And now Sam has taken up residence in Downtown St. Cloud, and I'm here for it. He fits in perfectly peering out of the windows of this unique salon and fits the overall vibe this time of year.

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