Ellen DeGeneres hosted the Oscars last night and she was GREAT!

From the opening bit to the very end, Ellen had my attention. She had her few flubs, but who doesn't, she was great. A few of the best bits Ellen did was when she had a pizza guy drop off a couple large pizzas... for the entire audience and then pretending there was no money to pay the guy.

See that video below.



The other bit that was original and fun, was the celebrity filled "selfie". Ellen had over two-million re-tweets for this picture (above), so, Matt from 98-Country, with the help of WJON's Ashli Gerdes and Alex Svejkovsky, along with Shannon from REV 96.7 and with our brilliant engineer, "Doc"... we did our own "selfie". Let's see how many re-tweets we can get on 98Country's twitter page. Send us your best "Ellen Selfie" too... @98Country.

Here's our "selfie".

Alex Svejkovsky/TSM
Alex Svejkovsky/TSM