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Today we’re featuring The Bellamy Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Tanya Tucker, Mac Davis and Johnny Paycheck.


Bellamy Brothers - “Let Your Love Flow” -- 1976

This country-pop hit peaked at number 21 on the hot country singles chart.  It was written by Larry Williams.

In the news in 1976, Ted Turner purchased the Atlanta Braves for a reported $12-million, NASA unveils the first shuttle --the Enterprise -- and the $2 bill is issued.

There’s a reason for the sunshine sky and there’s a reason why I’m feelin’ so high, must be the season when that love light shines all around us.

Waylon Jennings – “Only Daddy that’ll Walk the Line" -- 1968

This song is written by Jimmy Bryant, it spent 18 weeks on the country chart peaking at number two.

In the news in 1968, North Korean patrol boats capture the USS Pueblo on January 23rd and the New Hampshire primary election brings shocking results -- Eugene McCarthy comes within 230 votes of defeating the sitting President Lyndon Johnson.

Everybody knows you’ve been steppin on my toes, and I’m getting pretty tired of it. 


Tanya Tucker – “Pecos Promenade” -- 1980

Released in 1980 as a single from the “Smokey and Bandit II” soundtrack, it reached number ten on the country chart.

In the news in 1980, Japan becomes the world’s largest auto producing country, a fire destroys the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and a severe and destructive thunderstorm strikes four counties in western Wisconsin.

When I was a child down in South Carolina soon as Saturday sun went down, my folks and sister would go and leave me home all alone.


Mac Davis – “Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me” -- 1972


Mac Davis wrote and recorded this country pop song. It became a modest country hit, reaching number 26. The “Nashville Edition” provided backing vocals.

In the news in 1992, Israeli athletes are murdered by Arab gunman at the Munich Olympics on September 6th and the Equal Rights Amendment which provided for the legal equality of the sexes passed in the U.S. Senate on March 22nd.


Girl you’re getting that look in your eyes, and it’s starting to worry me, I ain’t ready for no family ties.




Johnny Paycheck – “She’s All I Got” -- 1971


Written by Gary Bonds and Jerry Williams Jr, "She's All I Got" became a number two country hit.

In the news in 1971, border battles between India and Pakistan erupt into full scale war when India invades east Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Walt Disney World Resort opens in Florida. The cost of a new house is $25,250 and a movie ticket is $1.50.


Well I said, friend don’t take her, she’s all I’ve got, Please don’t take her love away from me.



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