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Today we’re featuring Tanya Tucker, Johnny Cash, Ronnie McDowell, Gene Watson and Reba McEntire.



Tanya Tucker – “The Man That Turned My Mama On” -- 1974


Written by Ed Bruce, a top ten hit reaching number four on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.

In the news in 1974, the 55-mph speed limit imposed to preserve gas usage nationwide, pocket calculators start to appear in shops and Leonardo DiCaprio is born November 11th.


I wish I’d known the man a little better that turned my mama on, he must have been a heck of a man.



Johnny Cash – “One Piece at a Time” -- 1976


A country novelty song written by Wayne Kemp.  The song topped the chart at number one.

In the news in 1976, Hurricane Belle hits US East coast and the Winter Olympic Games are held in Innsbruck, Austria.


Well I left Kentucky back in forty-nine, and went to Detroit workin on a ‘sembly line.



Ronnie McDowell – “Older Women” -- 1981


This song was released in June 1981 topping the chart at number one, it was written by Jamie O’Hara.  In the news in 1981,

In the news in 1981, the US Space Shuttle Columbia flies for the first time, Muhammad Ali finally retires with a career record of 55 wins and 5 defeats and Britney Spears is born December 2nd.


Older women are beautiful lovers, older women, they understand I’ve been around some and I have discovered.



Gene Watson – “Paper Rosie” -- 1977


A song written and originally recorded by Canadian country music artist Dallas Harms, Gene Watson covered the song in 1977. His version peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.

In the news in 1977, the first all-in-one personal computer, the Commodore PET is introduced and the first Star Wars film “Star Wars: Episode IV premieres on May 25th.


The sun goes down in Calvin country neon lights from an old beer sign shown through the window out on the sidewalk.



Reba McEntire  -- “How Blue” -- 1984


John Moffat wrote this number one hit and recorded by Reba McEntire from her album ‘My Kind of Country.’

In the news in 1984, a gas works explosion on the outskirts of Mexico City leaves 500 dead and subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz shoots four black youths on a Manhattan subway.



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