It’s the last day of the Benton County Fair, welcome to the 98 Country Classic Show.

Today we’re featuring The Statler Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Dwight Yoakam, Tanya Tucker and John Conlee.



The Statler Brothers – “Flowers on the Wall” -- 1966


Written by the group’s original tenor, Lew Dewitt, the song peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.

In the news in 1966, Richard Spek murders eight nurses in Chicago, Illinois, the Houston Astrodome is built with the dome measuring 710 ft. in diameter.  Pampers also creates the first disposable diaper.


I keep hearin’ you’re concerned about my happiness, but all that thought you’re givin’ me is conscience I guess.



Waylon Jennings – “The Wurlitzer Prize” -- 1977


This song became Jennings sixth number one on the country chart.  The song was written by Chips Moman and Bobby Emmons.

In the news in 1977, the first oil flows through the Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline.  The precursor to the GPS system in use today is started by the US Department of Defense and Elvis Presley dies from a heart attack at age 42.


I’m not here to forget you, I’m here to recall the things we used to say and do, I don’t want to get over you.




Dwight Yoakam and Buck Owens – “Streets of Bakersfield” -- 1988


Homer Joy wrote this song in 1993 and popularized by Buck Owens.  In 1988, Owens recorded a duet version with Dwight Yoakam which became Yoakam’s first number one.

In the news in 1988, Earthquake in Armenia kills 60,000 and the US space shuttle program resumes 2 ½ years after the Challenger disaster.


I came here looking for something, I couldn’t find anywhere else, Hey I’m not trying to be nobody.



Tanya Tucker – “I’ll Come back as Another Woman” -- 1986


This song is written by Kent Robbins and Richard E. Carpenter.  The song reached number two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.

In the news in 1986, we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day for the first time, the Oprah Winfrey show begins and the stage musical “Phantom of the Opera” debuts in London’s West End.


You never gave me back the love I gave to you, you just gave me half your heart and that half was untrue.


Tanya Tucker will perform two free shows at the 2017 MN State Fair which begins August 24th through Labor Day.  She will appear August 30 and August 31st at the Leinie Lodge Bandshell.



John Conlee – “The Carpenter” -- 1987


This song reached number six on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart in early 1987.  It was written by Guy Clark.  In the news in 1987, US Stock market crashes on Monday, October 19,

In the news in 1987, US Stock market crashes on Monday, October 19, 1987 with a 508-point drop, Fox Broadcasting Co. made its prime-time TV debut and the average income per year was $24,350.00.


Let us now praise the carpenter and the things that he made and the way that he lived by the tools of the trade.



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