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Today we’re featuring George Strait, Deborah Allen, Dave and Sugar, Charlie Pride, and a duet from Jim Ed-Brown and Helen Cornelius.

George Strait – “The Chair” -- 1985

A song written by Dean Dillion and Hank Cochran, a single from the album, ‘Something Special.’  It peaked at number one on the country music chart.  In the news in 1985, British scientists report the opening of an enormous hole in the Earth’s Ozone layer over Antarctica and during June of 1985 the historic Route 66 was officially removed from the United States Highway system -- it was replaced by the interstate system.

Well excuse me, but I think you’ve got my chair, no that one’s taken, I don’t mind if you sit here, I’ll be glad to share.


Deborah Allen – “Baby I Lied” -- 1983

Released in August 1983, the song reached number four on the country chart.  Written by Allen, Rafe VanHoy and Rory Michael Bourke.  In the news in 1983, the US Supreme Court declares many local abortion restrictions unconstitutional and the FCC authorizes Motorola to begin testing cellular phone service in Chicago.

Did I say I wouldn’t be hurt if our love just didn’t work? Did I say I’d be okay if you said good-bye?

Dave and Sugar – “Queen of the Silver Dollar” -- 1975

Shel Silverstein wrote this song which reached #25 on the country chart.  In the news in 1975, Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft takes off for US Soviet linkup in space on July 15th.   Aristotle Onassis and Casey Stengel dies and the first ever strike by doctors in the US causes hospitals to reduce services.

She’s the Queen of the silver dollar, she rules this smoky kingdom and her scepter is a wine glass and her barstool is her throne.

Charlie Pride – “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’” -- 1971

This song is the most requested Charlie Pride Song on the 98.1 Country Classic Show.  A number one hit, it has since become one of his signature tunes.  It was written by Ben Peters.  In the news in 1971, President Nixon ends the US trade embargo against China in April, Intel releases World’s first microprocessor and  National Public Radio (NPR) broadcasts for the first time.

Whenever I chance to meet some old friends on the street, they wonder how does a man get to feel this way.

Jim Ed-Brown and Helen Cornelius – “I Don’t Want to Have to Marry You” -- 1976

A duet written by Fred Imus and Phil Sweet.  It was the most successful single for both Brown and Cornelius as both a duo and as solo artists. The song was the only number one of their careers.  In the news in 1976, US Supreme Court rules that blacks and other minorities are entitled to retroactive job seniority and Jimmy Carter elected President of the United States on November 2nd.

I don’t want to have to marry you, I don’t want to have to say I do, I want our love to be free.

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