UNDATED - Thieves are lurking at the gas pump, waiting to steal your credit and debit card information.  Nine hidden credit card skimmers have been found on gas pumps in a recent statewide inspection sweep by the Minnesota Commerce Department.

Criminals use the skimmers to steal your personal information.

They were found at stations in both the Twin Cities metro area and in Greater Minnesota.  Spokesman Ross Corson says the skimmers in Greater Minnesota were found mostly in southern Minnesota along the I-90 and I-35 corridors.

The Commerce Fraud Bureau is working with local law enforcement agencies in the criminal investigations.

During a three-week period in March, Commerce inspectors checked nearly 8,500 credit card readers on gas pumps at over 1,000 stations across the state.

The Commerce department recommends you check the pump for signs of forced entry before you swipe your card. They also say you should consider paying inside. And, if you use a debit card at the pump, never type in your PIN number.

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