Getting hacked is no joke. Identity theft, bank accounts being drained, credit card accounts being filled...and the absolute mess it makes of your life for years to come while you try to get your ducks back in a row that they apparently weren't in in the first place.

Protecting yourself from getting hacked can be summed up with: don't be an ignorant idiot.

How To Protect Yourself From Online Hackers

#1: Keep Your Apps and Software Up-To-Date

App updates can be annoying, but they often contain security updates. Keep your apps AND your computer/phone/tablet's operating system up-to-date.

#2: Don't Recycle Passwords

Recycling is great for the environment, but bad for online security. If someone hacks a website and gets your password, it gets sold (and re-sold) on the dark web, where other hackers will try it everywhere else. You really should have unique passwords for every account you have.

#3: Don't Answer Those Surveys on Social Media

Ya know when your friends share surveys of personal info that challenge others to fill out? That's easy information farming, friend. I like to fill them out with the most insane, insufferable answers I can think of.

Don't overshare info on social media. It's easy to do, but impossible to undo.

#4: Don't Use the Free Coffee Shop Wi-Fi Without Protection

Unsecured Wi-Fi - like what you find at a coffee shop or even at Target Field - makes digital eavesdropping a lot easier. Hackers will watch and record you entering sensitive information.

Stick to secured, password-required Wi-Fi; or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when you're web surfing on public internet services.

#5: Don't Click on Suspicious Links

Don't be so trusting. Clicking on spam emails and texts can render you as easy bait for phishing attacks. Make sure a link is legit before clicking on it.

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