Central Minnesota is in an excessive heat warning through Friday. Today is expected to be the hottest day with heat indices well past 110 degrees Fahrenheit. There are some things you should know if you plan to be outside today.

  • How hot does your body get before you get heat stroke? Heat stroke can happen when your internal body temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid doing any excessive or extraneous activities outdoors today. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.
  • How much water should you be drinking? Since you sweat more frequently in the extreme heat you need to make sure you're drinking more water than normal. If you're working outside, you should drink 4 cups of water every hour when the heat index is more than 103 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Top 3 signs of dehydration-It's important to keep drinking water throughout the day and keep your body properly hydrated. Signs of dehydration include a bad headache, dark urine and constipation.
  • Pets and the outdoors-You need to keep in mind that animals get hot differently than humans do. It's not just the ambient temperature you need to consider, but also the humidity. Make sure your dog isn't outside too long, avoid excessive activity and remember to walk your dog in the grass because the asphalt can burn their paws.
  • Want to make an egg on the sidewalk today? Bill Nye the Science Guy tested this trick out a few years ago. He found that an egg needs a minimum temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit to cook an egg. There will definitely be sidewalks that reach this temperature today.
  • How hot will your car be today? Well, if you're parked in the sun today, your car can reach temperatures in the 150 degree Fahrenheit  range. That's pretty hot. Don't leave kids or pets in the car for even a second.

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