Now that we are in November, I guess you could say that we are in winter. As much as we all hate the "W" word, it is time to start preparing. Is it going to be a bad winter, or is it going to be a mild one?

I really don't know, but all of the very smart people are saying it's going to be another cold, wet winter. Firestone Tires have put out a list of things you should keep in your vehicle during the winter and here are a few of them.

  • Jumper Cables- It's always good to have jumper cables in your car. You never know when your battery is going to die or someone else. They even have those cool jumper packs that make jumping a car super easy.
  • First Aid Kit- This is another one of those that is a must year-round. It's hard to know when someone is going to need a bandaid. Keeping some extra ibuprofen is never a bad idea either.
  • Snacks and Water- Storms come out of nowhere these days. There is a very small chance that you could get stranded during these unpredicted storms. Having food and water is a good idea. Especially if you are stuck at a light and are hunger! ;)
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  • Flashlight- I have actually used my flashlight a lot! If you have to check a tire on the side of the road or need to find something that rolled under your seat, it is super handy. Having a physical flashlight will help save your phone battery.
  • Battery Charger- Our phones are our lives these days. If you were to get stranded, it's a good idea to have an extra way to charge your phone so you can get into contact with help.
  • Blanket and Winter Clothing- It gets cold in Minnesota. So if your car were to breakdown, having a blanket would help you keep your body temperature up. That way you won't get hypothermia. Hats help keep the heat from leaving from your head, so having a few of those isn't a bad idea either.

This list has quite a few things on it, but in a pinch, you will be glad you had all that stuff.

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