Like it or not winter isn't quite done yet. We've been threatened with more snow and who knows what will happen in April. So embrace it and maybe enjoy cooking or baking a little on what potentially could be another snowy day coming up. There are plenty of activities one can do when it snows as laid out with a few ideas HERE.

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Not going to lie though, when it begins snowing I often want to enjoy some real good Minnesota comfort food. We have plenty of great dishes to choose from, but if you need an idea or two here is:

6 Minnesota Comfort Food Favorites:

  • Wild Rice Hotdish

Did you know that Wild Rice is Minnesota's state grain? First discovered by the Ojibwe people back in the 1600's when they migrated north and found it in the banks of Lake Superior. Wild Rice is enriched in history and worth reading more about HERE if you get the chance.

Reading, you'll learn exactly why Wild Rice is a Minnesota staple and appreciate eating this popular Minnesota comfort food, especially when you add cream of mushroom soup, chicken or hamburger and a few other ingredients to make it a true Minnesota Hotdish. Learn how to cook wild rice correctly here and find a good recipe at Cookin' Up North.

Image Credit: IndianRecipes65 via YouTube
Image Credit: IndianRecipes65 via YouTube
  • Swedish Meatballs

Throw these on mashed potatoes or some good noodles and I'll be in Minnesota comfort food heaven. Looking for a good recipe, follow along on this video from Minnesota Pork Board and you should be good to go!

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  • Tater Tot Hotdish

You had to know this Minnesota staple would be on the list, right? It's the ultimate Minnesota comfort food, that has caused a lot of controversy lately on reddit. Many started scoffing at a user when their tots weren't properly aligned on top and seemed to be just thrown all willy-nilly. Everyone has their own version of this and their own Minnesota way of doing it, but this is a rather good recipe from The Supper Club on YouTube if you wanted one and the video is entertaining .

  • Hotdish (NOT Casserole)

Really at the end of the day, any hotdish is considered a favorite and a comfort food in Minnesota. Add some meat, veggies, a starch of some sort, and a cream of something soup or tomato based sauce, bake it and there you have what we call in Minnesota a HOTDISH, just go with it. If you still need more answers, maybe WCCO can help answer it a little more.

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  • Wild Rice Soup

While wild rice hotdish is great, the real winner in my opinion, is wild rice soup. Having grown up on the White Earth Indian Reservation, where they hand harvested wild rice, my family always had an abundance of it. So when I was way younger and probably in junior high, I went looking for a really good Wild Rice soup recipe. I found, what is in my opinion the best I've ever had.



  • 1/2 Cup Wild Rice
  • 2 Cups Hot Water
  • 10 Slices Bacon
  • 1/2 Large Yellow Onion
  • 1 Pint Half & Half
  • 2 Cups Milk
  • 2 Cans Cream of Potato Soup
  • 1lb. Velveeta Cheese


Rinse Wild Rice with running water. Put in heavy pan with 2 cups hot water, cover and bring to a boil. Turn heat down and simmer about 35 minutes and then drain (I often just make my wild rice in my rice maker so if you have that do it!) Meanwhile cut bacon into small pieces and sauté with onion. Drain fat and set aside. Warm together half and half, milk, potato soup and Velveeta cheese. Do not boil or you'll burn at the bottom. Add Wild Rice, bacon and onions, serve and enjoy

Wild Rice Soup, Image Credit: Megan Zee/TSM
Wild Rice Soup, Image Credit: Megan Zee/TSM
  • Beer

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Okay, maybe it's not a food. But I can guarantee there are several out there in Minnesota who are cracking one of these when the snow comes again. Maybe even running to the store to stock up before the snowflakes start falling. Whether you choice of beer be Busch Latte, Miller Lite, Budweiser or whatever, don't forget we have over 200 breweries in our great state, with one probably nearer to you than you think. Take a look at a few

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