1. 4-H Projects

As a proud ex-intern of the Todd County 4-H program I can attest to how much love and work goes into those projects that make it to the state fair. Take a walk through the building. You're going to see some awesome stuff made by kids from all over the state.

2. Look at the fish in the DNR pond

This is a great way to relax for a bit at the fair. Attending the fair is a day of hustle and bustle. Take a few minutes to chill out and watch the fish swim around in the DNR pond outside the DNR building on Carnes Ave and Nelson St.


3. Play Minnesota State Fair Bingo

Someone in a cat shirt, blonde dreadlocks, someone randomly playing a pan flute, child on a leash, socks and sandals. Print off your bingo card and see who in your group can get a bingo first!

4. Seeing the largest fruit/vegetable/pig/ect.

There's just something about seeing the phrase "The State's Largest..." in front of something. The pig is usually napping when I go visit it, but it's always fun to check out. The giant pumpkins are absolutely insane to see, and everyone likes other giant fruits and veggies.

5. Timberworks Lumberjack Show

I feel like I walk past this every single year and never appreciate it like I should. Timberworks Lumberjack shows happen four times everyday of the fair starting at noon on the North Woods Stage. Flannel wearing lumber-folk demonstrate the obstacle pole, logrolling, hot saw, speed climbing and more!

Bonus: Pet dogs in the pet building. Because everyone likes petting puppies. And they have different breeds there every day!

Minnesota State Fair Photos
Minnesota State Fair Photos

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