How cool is this thing? It's a zipline rollercoaster and it's up and running over in Europe in an old quarry. Watching how much fun these riders are having and seeing this type of entertainment was built in an old quarry got me thinking, should something like this be looked at to put here in St. Cloud?

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I saw this rollercoaster zipline on social media last night, and of course, once I saw the video I had to learn more about this fun-looking activity.

The zipline rollercoaster is called the Aero Explorer and is located across the pond in Bethesda England. The ride over there costs users just 22 pounds, takes the riders up a spiral staircase/shoot, and then shoots them out over the quarry. As the riders glide down, they experience a rollercoaster-type ride complete with sharp twists and turns!

Check out their Instagram page for a bunch of videos of the zip line experience. I mean all of these people riding look like they are having a blast!

The reason I thought this could be something that could be brought to St. Cloud, or the greater area surrounding it, is there are SO many quarries around, and what better use for an old quarry than something like this, that can be enjoyed by many people, and bring in lots of people to see and enjoy the ride.

Maybe I'm way off base, but something like this would be fun to experience, and it seems like something really exciting to people over in England.

What do you think about the idea?

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