It's the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources annual 'Take A Kid Ice Fishing' weekend. If you're planning on taking a kid out on the ice, here are 5 things you should know ahead of the event!

1. The weather might be a big factor this weekend. The National Weather Service is calling for thunder snow on Friday...that's a thunderstorm mixed with a blizzard. A winter storm watch is in effect through Saturday afternoon.

2. Anyone can fish for free without a license Friday through Monday as long as they are accompanied by a kid 15 years and younger.

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3. You should know when the ice is safe. The DNR says there's no sure way to tell if ice is 100 percent safe. So, you should check ice thickness at least every 150 feet. Here's what they suggest for thickness;

  • Under 4 inches: STAY OFF THE ICE!!
  • 4 inches: you can ice fish or do activities on foot
  • 5-7 inches: you can snowmobile and ATV
  • 8-12 inches: you can drive your car or a small truck
  • 12-15 inches: you can drive a medium size truck

4. The DNR says you should be prepared with a survival plan before you go. Here are some DNR survival tips. Cold water kills, so be prepared.

5. The DNR suggests you pack these basic things in addition to your ice fishing gear if you're taking a kid ice fishing; hot chocolate and snacks, band-aids, hand warmers, a personal flotation device on a rope, sled with an attached rope, wool blanket or sleeping bag, cell phone, ice rescue claws, sunscreen and sunglasses (ice glare can cause sun burn).

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