With the forecast calling for a warm-up this week, some resorts are urging anglers to use caution as they head out onto the ice. One local resort on Lake Mille Lacs closed its lake access after a large crack appeared in the lake ice over the weekend.

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Until further notice our access will remained closed.

With that new crack coming through yesterday we want to ensure the safety of our customers, there is no sort of driving out until further notice.

You may see our lake equipment out there checking the status on the ice conditions.

Nitti's Hunters Point Resort posted the notice yesterday, after posting about the crack developing on Saturday.

The ice cracking can be heard on a live stream that was being made by Alex Timm Fishing and Amped Outdoors LLC. You can find the edited video (instead of searching through the 4 hour-long live stream) in the comments on this post about the ice from Nitti's on Saturday.

The cracking of the ice sounded more like an earthquake on the video than the ice breaking.

With the warming temps this week, if you are planning on heading out to an area lake, make sure you are taking measurements along the way, we'll see daytime highs above freezing the ice will begin to weaken, and the quality of the ice will make walking/driving on the lake extremely difficult and very unsafe.

This is just what seems to be the latest blow to those who make their living off the lake, hopefully, this warm-up doesn't last as long as they think and we have colder temps for new ice to form.

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