If you are a fan of the outdoors and having a few laughs you may be familiar with the internet sensation Rut Daniels. On the day before New Year's Eve, a local charitable event announced Rut would be attending, and giving away the chance to have a meet and greet with the internet star, and maybe share a few fishing tips.

Rut Daniels is coming to Fishing for Ducks! Let's give some tickets away to celebrate. Scammers are everywhere. Do not be scammed. We will not ask for a card number, and we will not announce a winner until January 13th at noon. Just tag 2 friends that want to spend some time with Rut at #fishingforducks. On the 13th, we will randomly select a winner. Winner will receive 6 tickets (two each for you and the 2 friends you tagged) and Rut has thrown in a $250 Catchin' Deers gift card. Good Luck!!!

Fishing for Ducks will occur this year on February 17th on Mille Lacs in Garrison. Entry is $30 per person per hole until 11:59 PM Sunday, Feb 12 and then the price jumps up to $40 after that.

The event bills itself as being "the biggest Ducks Unlimited Event in the world"

Don't bring your fish house though, the rules online state 'no houses, shelters or windbreaks of any kind allowed.  All fisher people and holes must be visible at all times.'

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You can see the full rules for the event, buy tickets to attend, and prepare for the ice fishing event by going to the event's website.

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