A Minnesota lawmaker is planning to draft a bill that would legalize marijuana in Minnesota, making us the 9th state to have legal pot. Here's what you can expect if that happens...

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    Minnesota nice will become "Dude, you're pretty awesome man"

    Pot makes you mellow and calm. Minnesota nice fits right in! We all know potheads vocabulary always includes "dude" and "awesome", right?

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    Pizza and Doritos will replace hot dish as the Minnesota state food(s)

    There's always left over hot dish in Minnesota homes. When running a microwave proves to be too much work, it's easier to just grab the leftover cold pizza out of the fridge. The munchies are pretty severe dude!

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    Bakery's will need to ask for ID to buy the "adult" brownies

    You know very well that legal pot means not just smoking it, there's a whole other world of baking with it that will become a normal part of life. It would be weird to get carded at a bakery, but I'll get used to it.

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    Bar BINGO will offer a cash bonus to those who don't laugh at "O-69"

    You know how hard it is to not laugh and yell out when the BINGO caller calls O-69. Imagine the whole place erupting in all out laughter for 10 minutes while pee'ing themselves. It costs money to clean that stuff up!

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    Puff puff, pass will be the adult alternative to duck, duck, grey duck

    This is a favorite game we're taught in school, and seems to be a 'Minnesota' thing with duck duck, grey duck. Ya know darn well adults will bring it back as a pot game!