1. Old Navy Flag Shirts - If your mom didn't dress you in these did you even celebrate the 4th? Every year they come out with new, but very similar, designs. I don't ever remember going to Old Navy to get them, they just appeared.

2. Half Melted Freeze Pops - Usually in your second or third choice of flavor. The 4th is the peak parade day of the summer, and if you don't sit in the right spot on the route, the freeze pops being handed out are mostly plastic sacks of sugar water. Refreeze and enjoy at home!


3. Sunburn - Hot July temps, sunshine reflecting off the lake water, and being too busy with fun activities to keep applying SPF 30. I can still feel the burn I got on the 4th in 2012. Some tan lines never leave.

4. A Neighbor Wearing America Camo - Uncle Sam hat, flag print sunglasses, star-spangled speedos, and bonus points if they tie a flag around their neck like a cape. These people are usually found behind the wheel of a pontoon during a boat parade.

5. The Best Food of the Summer - If it can be grilled, it will be. In open flame cooking we trust. Hot dogs, burgers, chicken, other various meats, followed by potato salads, coleslaw, fresh watermelon, and polished off with a big sticky s'more. Cue the mouth watering.

Bonus Experience: A Fireworks Mishap - Just this past weekend we had a firework tip over and shoot across a yard in the direction of a house. Use caution when setting explosives on fire this weekend! Even better idea, enjoy someone else's fireworks display. And have  great 4th of July!

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