1. Fall Rates - With colder temps and a higher chance for unpredictable weather, golf courses start offering discounted rates. Less money to be on the course, I'm in!

2. Fall Golf Attire - That long sleeve athletic shirt you bought in the spring will finally find it's way off the hanger. Along with that, golf pants can be worn again without causing your body to overheat!


3. Bright Colored Balls - They are basically a necessity when the leaves start to fall. Good luck finding a while ball on a hole lined with oak trees.

4. Scenic Photo Ops - There's nothing like walking up to an elevated tee box and seeing a fairway lined with fall colors. It's Instagram ready, no filter needed.

5. Less People - Fair weather golfers won't be frequenting the course as much. Their loss! Sure it might be a little colder, but as long as the course is letting me out there, I'm going to play!

Bonus Reason: No Bugs! Goodbye pesky gnats! You will not be missed.

Have a great rest of your golf season Central Minnesota! See you on the course!

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