Crazy things seem to happen in St. Cloud on Friday the 13th. If you're superstitious then you definitely don't want to visit these places in the area, at least until the day after.

St. Cloud Reformatory

Stearns History Museum archives
Stearns History Museum archives

It's been around since the 1800's, and it's a state prison. If that's not freaky to you then you've got a thrill-seeking issue that only can be helped by the psychiatry ward located inside.

Any of the 3 pet hospital's in St. Cloud

Black cat

Obviously if you have a pet that needs medical services, you've got to go there. Consider it one form of bad luck if your pet requires medical attention on Friday the 13th, but also consider there's a good chance you'll run into a black cat at one of them!

Pioneer Place, downtown St. Cloud

Laughing All The Way (Photo: Pioneer Place Theatre)
Laughing All The Way
(Photo: Pioneer Place Theatre)

There's some great shows going on at Pioneer Place on Friday the 13th, so don't let that deter you. The place is awesome and has some very cool architecture and talent within the building. Keep in mind, there's the ghost of an elderly man who likes the area near the men's room. Multiple sightings of this man have been reported over the years. You're likely to see him on Friday the 13th.

The intersection of Hwy 15 and Division in St. Cloud


It's one of Minnesota's top worst intersections, as well as the intersection of Hwy 15 and 2nd, a block away. Any Friday is unlucky to be stuck there, but this one is even more unfortunate in the winter between 4pm and 6pm.

In the ditch anywhere between St. Cloud and Luxemburg off Hwy 15

Winter Driving

It's going to be -22 overnight, on Friday the 13th. There's not much lighting and a lot of farm fields on either side of the road that blow snow over the ditches. On top of that, snowmobilers are flying through those ditches at 60 MPH speeds. You'd be considered lucky if one of them didn't hit you.

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