Spring is coming, and that's when people start getting the urge to move. If you're looking for a change of scenery, you might want to take a look at this list first. The website AreaVibes gives cities and towns across the United States a "livability score" based on metrics like available amenities, the cost of living, crime rates, employment, housing, schools, etc. Based on their rankings, here are the best towns to settle down in, in central Minnesota. Each town on this list had a failing rating in the 'weather' category...but, hey, it's Minnesota. Cut us some slack.

(1=Most livable)

1. Becker (scored 79 out of 100): They were given an A+ rating in the categories of; crime, housing and schools. They're the number one best city in Minnesota for housing. They made the top 100 best cities in the USA list for housing. Becker got dinged with a D+ in the 'cost of living' category.

2. Sartell (scored 78 out of 100): Sartell did really well with an A+ rating in the categories; amenities, crime and schools. Sartell's cost of living had a D+ score bringing the overall ranking down.

3. Rice (scored 77 out of 100): Rice got an A+ in the crime and schools categories and a B+ in housing. But, they scored a D in the amenities category.

4. St. Joseph (scored 75 out of 100): St. Joseph had an A+ ranking in the crime category and an A in the schools category. They received a B+ in the amenities ranking. However, their D ranking in the housing category and D+ rating in the employment category hurt their score.

5. Richmond/Clearwater/Avon & Clearlake (each scored 74 out of 100): These towns ranked well (scoring either an A or a B) in the 'crime' and 'schools' categories. However, they had failing or near failing grades in the 'amenities' category. Clear Lake made the Top 10 Best Cities In Minnesota For Housing list and the Top 100 Best Cities In The USA For Housing list.

Top 5 Least Livable Towns In Central Minnesota (1=least livable);

1. Elmdale (53 out of 100): They had failing grades in 4 categories; amenities, Housing, schools and weather. They also got a D+ score for employment.

2. Bowlus (60 out of 100): They were slapped with two failing grades in amenities and weather. They also received a D+ in crime and employment.
3. Upsala (61 out of 100): They received a D- for amenities, a D+ for employment and two failing grades for schools and weather.
4. Waite Park (62 out of 100): Waite Park has three F's on its report card. It's failing in crime, schools and weather. Unemployment did slightly better, nabbing them a D+. However, they did get an A+ ranking for amenities.
5. St. Cloud (63 out of 100): St. Cloud is failing in; crime, schools and of course...weather. St. Cloud was near failing in employment (D) and housing (D+). St. Cloud got the top score (A+) in Amenities.

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