I love outdoor movie season in Minnesota. It's the cherry on top of a Minnesota summer. If you've never been to an outdoor movie theater before, you need to put it right on the top of your summer bucket list. Good news for you, some Minnesota Drive-Ins are open for the season.

Long Drive-In Theater, Long Prairie--They're now open for the season rain or shine. This weekend they're showing "Dumbo" and "How To Train Your Dragon".

Sky-Vu Drive-In, Warren--They're open and showing "Avengers: End Game".

Verne Drive-In Theater, Luverne--They open for the season this weekend with "Avengers: End Game". Normally they show two films, but for opening weekend they're playing just one.

Minnesota is home to six drive-ins which are all set to be open by the end of April. Grab a blanket, bug spray and some popcorn because it's outdoor movie time!  'Tis the season for movie magic.

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